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  • Aerin Park
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  • Shyia Magan

Photo Credits

James Dake; Dayna Jorgenson (two-lined salamander); Robert Wesley (Rough-Stalked Feather Moss); Environmental Protection Agency (Virginia Waterleaf); J. Delanoy (White Sweet Clover); Daniel Layton (Yellow Lady Slipper); Marla Coppolino (all land snail photos); Bruce Marlin (Deer Fly); WesDigital (Earwig); Benny Mazur (Mayfly); Tim McCormack (Waterstrider); Kim Fleming (Water Boatman); Tim Gage (Carpenter Ant); Neil Kelley (Convergent Lady Beetle); Jacob Enos (Large Whirligig Beetle); James Jordan (Mosquito); Michael Apel (American Copper); Megan McCarty (Black Swallowtail, Silver-spotted Skipper); Stephen Patrick (Cabbage White); Tommy C. (Orange Sulpher); Michelle Tribe (Crayfish); Hardin MD University of Iowa (Deer Tick); Luc Viatour (Goldenrod Crab Spider); Teresa Yoder (Eastern Newt, Spotted Salamander); Patrick Coin (Slimy Salamander); John Wilson (Northern Spring Salamander); Sander van der Molen (Spring Peeper); John Swanlund (Brown Snake); L.P. (Coal Skink); Per Verdonk (Eastern Milk Snake); Christine Schmidt (Eastern Garter Snake); D.R. (Green Snake); C.F.K. (Northern Watersnake); John Mosesso (Ribbon Snake, Spotted Turtle); Cody Hough (Ringneck Snake); Tim Vickers (Timber Rattlesnake); Wilfried Burns (Wood Turtle); Mike Baird (American Kestrel, Great Blue Heron, Turkey Vulture); Ronald S. (American Woodcock); James Phelps (Barn Swallow, Muskrat, Gray Fox); Robert Barber (Barred Owl); Pierre Bonenfant (Blue Jay); John Benson (Downy Woodpecker, Mourning Dove); Wolfgang Wander (Eastern Screech Owl); Brendan Lally (Great Horned Owl); Manjith Kainickara (Green Heron, American Crow, Common Grackle); Alex Starr (Hairy Woodpecker); Tim Lenz (Killdeer); Eric Baetscher (Mallard); Dominic Sherony (Pileated Woodpecker, Ovenbird, Scarlet Tanager); Chris Breeze (Red-bellied Woodpecker); Christine Fournier (Red-tailed Hawk); Derek Bakken (Sharp-shinned Hawk); Kevin Cole (Wood Duck, House Finch); Ryan Somma (Baltimore Oriole); Will Sweet (American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee); Trisha Shears (Brown Thrasher, European Starling); Jim McCulloch (Chimney Swift); Randen Pederson (Dark-eyed Junco); Andy (Eastern Bluebird); Noel Zia Lee (House Sparrow); Dario Sanches (House Wren); Paul Stein (Northern Cardinal, Bald-faced Hornet); Jeff Kubina (Northern Mockingbird); Jennifer Rensel (Ruby-throated Hummingbird); Gary Irwin (Tufted Titmouse); Bob Lewis (Veery, Yellow Warbler); Matt MacGillivray (White-breasted Nuthatch); Jeff Hoppes (Wood Thrush); Steve Heresy (American Beaver, Black Rat Snake); Sage Ross (Eastern Cottontail); Grendel Khan (Eastern Gray Squirrel); Ken Thomas (Flying Squirrel, River Otter); Erin Silversmith (Groundhog); Gilles Gonthier (Meadow Vole, Northern Short-tailed Shrew); Kenneth Catania (Starnose Mole); Cody Pope (Opossum); Sharon Mollerus (Porcupine); J.M. Wests (Raccoon); Patriot Plaistow John (Red Squirrel); Eric Schmuttenmaer (Striped Skunk); Katie LaSalle-Lowery (Long-tailed Weasel); PeupleLoup (Black Bear, Red Fox); Malcolm (Bobcat); Christopher Bruno (Coyote); Ken (Little Brown Bat); Brendan Lally (Mink).